Barrel Rolling Competition

Not your average race! Test your endurance and balance skills as you push your barrel down to the finish line.

Participants in teams of two will work together to roll an empty wooden barrel around a marked course. The contestant with the fastest time will be awarded the overall winner. Prizes will include The Haunted Brewery tickets and sponsorship gift cards.

Rules of the Game:

  • 5 Teams of 2 in each heat, 5 Heats total.
  • Winner of each heat to compete in Final Round.
  • Each team will have one teammate at each end of their lane.
  • At start of race, teammate 1 will push the barrel to the other end of their lane.
  • They will exchange the barrel with teammate 2 who will then push back to the start. ¬†Teammate 1 must cross the white line before they exchange to teammate 2.
  • The team who reaches the end first wins.
  • Winner of each heat will compete in the Final Round.
  • Winner of the Final Round will be the overall winner.