Barrel Rolling Competition

Not your average race! Test your endurance and balance skills as you push your barrel down to the finish line!

Rules of the Game:

  • 5 Teams of 2 in each heat, 5 Heats total.
  • Winner of each heat to compete in Final Round.
  • Each team will have one teammate at each end of their lane.
  • Volunteer to blow a whistle to start race.
  • At start of race, teammate 1 will push the barrel to the other end of their lane.
  • They will exchange the barrel with teammate 2 who will then push back to the start. ¬†Teammate 1 must cross the white line before they exchange to teammate 2.
  • The team who reaches the end first wins.
  • Winner of each heat will compete in the Final Round.
  • Winner of the Final Round will be the overall winner.